Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - American Healthcare

I really hate the American healthcare system.

We may be switching medical providers very soon. As a result, we can't do basic, routine medical care for fear the new company deems it a 'pre-existing condition' and therefore do not have to cover care. And, of course, the company that we were with wouldn't have to pay a dime should we come to find out there may actually be something wrong with any of us. 

Simple things like a routine mammogram. 

I'm of that age where I need to have those slamming exams yearly. I have no expectation of there being a problem. However, if there is, and I go now, I'm screwed!! In Canada, this is not the case. And trust me, I would LOVE to move back to Canada. I would too, if it were not for my husband's career, Motor Mouth's school, and my love of Chicago (but Toronto and Chicago are a LOT alike).

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