Monday, August 16, 2010

You've Been Schooled!!!

Mini Me started school. 

It was so less dramatic Year 2. We all knew where to go and drop off was fast!

I did forget to pack her blanket and pillow for 'relaxation' time - not to be mistaken for 'nap' time. 

Although, Sunday night, an hour past bedtime when Mini Me was STILL awake, she reminded us that she has nap time at school so she should be able to say up as long as she wants to.

Mini Me also told us that she did not have any sugary stuff so she didn't know why she was still awake. And that seeing as she was awake anyway, we should just give her something sugary. 

Did I mention she is only 4 years old? Dear God, this girl is smart. She will keep us on our toes for sure!


Crystal said...

Love how she totally works the camera! Looks like she had a great first day of school! Watch out world... Mini Me is in the house! :)

Heather Kay said...

She is too stinkin cute & smart for her own good!

Jen said...

Not to mention the fact that I think she has a career in modeling, should she want it... ;-)

Ah, the multiple talents of Ms. Mini Me.