Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writing Workshop II - Week Two

If you EVER have a chance to take one of MAM's summer writing classes, TAKE IT!! Or, if you ever have the opportunity to take one of MAM's university classes, it will be well worth the money. I should mention MAM is writing a book on writing so one day, you will be able to learn to write using beautiful language, realistic and intriguing characters with juicy plot lines that keep you up all night turning pages!

This week, we did a great exercise to help develop a character. MAM had us pair up (she was my partner) to ask questions about each other's character. It was exactly what I needed to further develop my character and another character based on the questions she asked. I'm going to do this with the other characters.

Another question MAM asked was what cartoon character this character is most like. I chose Alice in Wonderland from the Johnny Depp movie version Alice. I liked this exercise because it really made me think long and hard about who my character is. I don't watch many cartoons and it's been far too long since I read the original Alice in Wonderland.

Looking forward to doing the homework - reading a few chapters of MAM's book, 15 minutes of writing per day, and something else I can't remember right now and it's late so I'm not looking it up because you won't really care anyway.

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Felicity said...

I care! I loved my creative writing classes in college. I'm hoping to get more in grad school. My problem is follow-through. Basically, I love getting ideas but hate disciplining myself to complete them!