Saturday, July 24, 2010

Terrible Adoptive Mom

Mini Me's birth parents are both in prison right now. I feel a greater need to communicate with them more because they are locked up all day long. Wouldn't you want letter and photos often?

When I get busy, I don't talk to anyone who is not right in front of my face. This Spring, I went for 3-4 weeks straight without touching base with my mom or sister. Perhaps I shouldn't feel so bad for not sending letters to TT and JJ if I haven't even spoken to my own mother. Or emailed her. But still, my mother is a busy woman and clearly didn't notice the lack of contact or she would have called, right?

So, I devised this plan to send TT and JJ postcards every week. Writing letters takes a long time. Postcards are easy. I was doing great until I got back from vacation. I've fallen off the wagon. 

I need to send pictures too. The kids are growing and changing so much!! I should mention that although TT and JJ are technically, Mini Me's birth parents, our rule is that we adopt your child, but our kids are a package deal. JJ has agreed to 'be Motor Mouth's birth father' as well. Not really fair to Motor Mouth to not have a birth father. 

J is responsible for photos so maybe I should place the blame on him....

At any rate, I should stop blogging and mail out a postcard or two.

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