Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventures of the 3 M's - We're back 2010

The kids and I used to go on adventures all the time! These outings were cut short last summer when I started working at
Motor Mouth's school. 

I really, really missed our Mommy, Motor Mouth & Mini Me adventures. 
Well, the 3 M's are BACK, Baby!!

We went to Museum Campus 
for a morning walk along the water before camp

Had an impromptu play date with JuJu and KiKi
(3 of the most beautiful girls ever!!)

Crazy Kids!!!

Drew on the sidewalk....
Motor Mouth's chalk Mario from Super Mario Brothers


At the brand new playground in our neighborhood

ViVi and her brother were at the playground, too!!

Vivi and PiPi are in Motor Mouth's class at school
(PiPi was playing catch in another part of park)

Motor Mouth ran HARD the entire time

Mini Me played HARD the entire time!

Petting a puppy!

This was the CUTEST little boy! 
He ran all around following his big brother
in a diaper!!! LOL!!

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