Sunday, May 30, 2010

Separate Vacations

About 2 years into our marriage, J and I went on separate vacations at different times. What an uproar that caused!! Not with us, but with a bunch of people we know.

J and I had been working at the same place, less than 30 feet from each other. We drove in to work together, saw each other often all day, had lunch together, drove home together, and spent all of our fun time together. We are best friends and enjoyed each other's company. It was nice.

But then my parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and J had something going at work. I went to visit my family in Canada alone. My youngest niece asked if J and I were divorced! Haha. Nope. Just practical.

J wanted to go visit his friends in Missouri but I wanted to get a few things on our house knocked out. For our wedding anniversary that year, I arranged for J to stay with friends. He was surprised and thrilled!! Some people thought J and I were having marital problems because he went without me. But when he got home, I had a surprise another for him. I had enlisted the aid of friends to wallpaper and paint parts of our home.

Since then, we have taken a few trips without each other. Most of those were in 2008 when we went different places to clear our minds and get refocused after the lay off. I took the kids to Canada by myself 2-3 times that year as it was so close to just drive up on a whim.

I would highly recommend separate vacations if you spend a lot of time with your spouse. Or if your idea of a vacation is laying out on the beach but his idea is to climb mountains. With kids, it is nice to get away from the kids for a weekend or a week.

Happy vacationing!!

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