Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mommy's Girlfriends

The other day, Mini Me made a comment about 'Mommy's girlfriends'. I was curious who she would say were my friends so I asked her. I thought for sure, she would say MAM, or Maddie's mommy or JuJu's mommy. After much deliberation, Mini Me could not come up with one name. How sad is that?!!

It dawned on me that most of my girlfriend time comes when the kids are in bed, with their dad, or at school. My knitting/crochet group is on evenings when they are getting ready for bed. When I go visit MAM, it's usually just me. And she probably thinks play dates with Maddie's mommy or JuJu's mommy is for them - she doesn't realize she gets to play with the kids because I'm friends with their mommies.

I'm not the greatest at calling friends or going shopping with them (I hate shopping), or just hanging out. I think having friends when we all have kids is different. You both have school events, kids' bedtimes, husbands, work, volunteer commitments. I'm not great at hanging out or talking every week, but I do keep in touch via social media and texting. Every now and then we'll get on the phone and talk for about an hour.

Shows like SATC2 and Desperate Housewives, make me long for a core group of women I see all the time. But then I watch Housewives of Orange County, or New York or Atlanta and I am thrilled to not have to deal with that drama!! LOL!!

I have a great core group of ladies that I love to be with and share our lives with. Fortunately, they are as busy as I am and don't seem to mind that we have to fit each other in. But as a female, I need to model good, strong female relationships for my daughter. This is something I need to work on for my friends, for my daughter and for me.

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