Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You - May '10

Time once again for that monthly interview project, Knowing Me, Knowing You, created by The Fairy Blogmother.

1. Coffee or tea?
In theory, I love tea. I collect tea pots. I don't looooove coffee. I do love a chai tea latte. And in the fall, I love a pumpkin spice chai tea latte. And yes, I know chai and tea are the same thing but I promise you, they don't make it the same at Starbucks if I don't say 'chai tea latte'.

2. Are you watching Glee? Have I asked you that already?
Yes, you have asked and no, I don't. I saw maybe part of show once and I thought I'd go insane if I had to watch that every week.

3. Do you sing?
I do. Terribly. I have sung to my kids since they were babies. Poor things.

4. What's your favourite John Cusack movie?
Sixteen Candles. That was the last John Cusack movie I ever watched. I actually had to IMDB him to see what movies he has been in. I don't think I've seen any of them. I don't even remember hearing about most of his movies.

5. Burger or hot dog?
Burger, please.

Please head on over to The Fairy Blogmother to see her answers and to play along!


Shan said...

My sister in law is a beautiful singer. She over heard me singing to Abby once when she was a baby and was kind enough to tell me I sounded wonderful. She was dead wrong about that, but I appreciated the thought.

And because you are my very first bloggy peep meet up person I will forgive your dislike of Glee. Is there something else I'm obsessed with that we could trade it for? Modern Family? The Office? Greys? Parenthood?


I LOVE Modern Family and Parenthood is pretty funny too. Don't care for Greys. Office is funny but there always seems to be something else on instead.