Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tooth Fairy - Motor Mouth's 1st Visit

It FINALLY happened!
Motor Mouth lost his first tooth.
About time, he was starting to look like a shark - his 2 bottom adult teeth came in behind his baby teeth a little over a month ago.

Yes, that is Motor Mouth's baby tooth
We found this little tooth box at an open air art show in Breckinridge, CO when Motor Mouth was about 6 months old. The moon and star matched the Mr. Moon neon piece that used to hang in Motor Mouth's nursery.
Oh, how much will the Tooth Fairy bring...?
$10 cash
& Chicago post card w/Wrigley Field
signed by 'The Tooth Fairy'
Mini Me also received a Chicago post card


Heather Kay said...

Very cool box! I love the postcard for both kids idea!

My son lost his first tooth at his grandfather's house. It was after a bbq (the trash was nasty) and he walked in and tossed it in the trash can. (no way I was going to the bottom of that for a tooth)

2nd tooth came out at school and he lost it before he made it home.

We finally got to put the 3rd one under the pillow!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

$10? Wow, prices have sure gone up. I got a quarter.

Shan said...

Great box! Abby's last tooth is still in the china cabinet she's not ready to let the tooth fairy take it yet.