Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Mar '10

knowing me, knowing you - march

Well it's that time again.... time for that little monthly interview project that The Fairy Blogmother started. Why not play along with us?

1. Do you play a musical instrument?
I wish I did. This is the only possible reason why I was never able to enter beauty pageants. (LOL!!!) Seriously though, I started learning piano 3x and I am still only able to play the 2 songs my sister taught me (I don't think she even remembers how to play them).

2. Do you have a set of every day dishes and a set of "good" dishes?
Our 'everyday' dishes are our good dishes. My MIL gave all 3 of us girls a full set of really, really good dishes. That is what we use every day. My MIL taught me that the people you are with all the time and love are the ones that should eat off the "good" dishes every day.

3. Chocolate milk or white?
Chocolate milk.
I. can. not. stand. white. milk. Blech.

4. What time do you usually head up to bed?
Well, I live in a 1-storey loft so there is no going 'up' anywhere... But I try to be in bed by midnight. Lately, I've tried getting to bed by 10 pm. (haha! 10 is my uber lofty goal!)

5. Do you hang your toilet paper over or under?
Over!!! How else are you going to fold it into a triangle? I do think you have more control when you go over.

Now, for your chance to join in on the fun, be sure to head on over to The Fairy Blogmother's site to see her answers and to play along!

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