Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Feb '10

It's time again for the monthly blog questionnaire hosted by one of my bloggy BFF's The Fairy Blogmother.

1. The Olympics are right around the corner, are you planning on watching?
Nope. J wants to watch the opening show but other than that, nope. Before I married this artsy man, I never missed an Olympics.

2. Which is your favourite Olympic Winter sport?
Figure skating. I knew who the skaters were when I was a good Canadian living in my home and native land. I did enjoy watching the ski jumping and the downhill, and the luge.

3. Okay you're in the candy store, what's the first thing you grab?
Either the Jelly Beans or sour gummy candies. Or both. Both.

4. What is your favourite John Hughes movie? Not sure what movies he made? Well, first you should be ashamed of yourself and I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Secondly, click the link and see his impressive list of films, you'll be surprised...... go ahead I'll wait.

I'd have to say "Maid in Manhattan" for my most recent like. And "Ferris Beuler's Day Off" for my back in the day like. I still use quotes from Ferris Beuler and am amazed I live in Chicago - the city where Ferris sang 'Danke Schoen' in a parade.

I predict NAMK (The Mommy Project) will say 'Pretty in Pink' or 'Sixteen Candles' as her favorite. I know this because I watched it no less than 16 times each with her back in the day.

5. Okay you're going into the witness relocation program and you get to pick your new name, what will it be?
Kiki Freedmar

Alright, now please head on over to The Fairy Blogmother to see her answers and give some linky love if you decide to join in on the fun!


Shan said...

Seems like that name came to you very easy there, Kiki.

Julie said...

Kiki Freedmar. Love it! Kiki suits you.

Kick the artsy guy out of the house for two weeks and get your Olympics on! ;-)