Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Valentines Day - 2010

Yes, this posting is 1 week late.
I've been busy and had some issues with
Blogger and iPhoto.
Not sure who to blame, really.
Most likely Blogger. Mac is perfect.

I wasn't putting much effort into Valentines Day
until Motor Mouth was all excited Saturday evening.
Here is what I mustered up...

Pink Heart Pancakes
Heart Ice Cubes
Lots of Pink Heart Pancakes
Pink Milk for the Kiddos
Red Raspberry Iced Tea for Mommy
Red Plates
Happy Kids
Table Decorations
Both kids wearing pink/red
J did come home with chocolate for everyone
And he surprised me with floor seats
to the Mariah Carey concert!!!!
I am ready for next year!!
We found some discounted items Monday
My fav find are the cookie cutters
We'll have heart shaped sandwiches next year!!
I even found a red box to store it all in...
And a green one for our St. Patty's decorations
Yes, I know we need to fill the green box...


Mommy Project said...

Tell us about the concert! Your tweets were so funny that night.

--great job on the last moment festivities! I bet the kids loved it. :)

Shan said...

Great pancakes! And is that a Children's Place shirt I notice on Mini Me? Abby some, in many different colours.