Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - MAM

I have this friend that I really like and finally got to spend about an hour or so with yesterday at a coffee shop in Oak Park. You see, MAM has deserted me in the city and has moved to Oak Park. I can't say I didn't see this coming. Afterall, I met her through her blog post on Chicago Mom's Blog when she talked about their plans to move to the suburbs. I just thought it would have taken a few more years to happen.

MAM and her partner, Math Wiz sold their amazing penthouse in the city that I really, really wish we were in a financial position to have purchased as it is in the most perfect part of town for us and I do love rooftop decks and wide open living spaces with Brazilian Cherry floors and, to be honest, the designation of 'penthouse' doesn't hurt one's ego either. Abandoning the city, they moved to Oak Park for it's wide treelined streets, family and stroller friendly sidewalks, homes set back from the road, proximity to the university at which they profess, and the great big homes that you can renovate and make perfect for you to live in for the next 30 years. Chicago has all of this but for some odd reason, they didn't want to spend $1.5 million to attain it.

MAM loves Oak Park and for this I am so happy. A book could be written about the drama they endured when selling said condo/penthouse and trying to purchase - with CASH - another home. You would think a seller hearing the words 'cash sale' in a down economy would skip hop to the closing table. These Oak Park people own the term 'pride of ownership' let me tell you. If MAM wrote a book about it - and she is a published author with a wikipedia page devoted to her, so she could easily do so - no one would believe it to be true. If I hadn't been privy to the torment and tears, I might wonder myself.

At any rate, MAM is loving Oak Park and hanging in there as a new mom for the 2nd time. It was great to sit and chat and get crochet ideas and advice from her. I practically had to arm wrestle the woman to let me pay for a cup of tea for her. Why was it so important to me? Reciprocity. You can't leave MAM's home with just what you walked in with. I have plants, yarn, crochet needles, books, Vermouth ("I like to have a home that has Vermouth in the pantry"), you name it. Yesterday, I bought MAM chai, but left with a little Valentines' pail and coloring pages and cookie cutter for Mini Me and a space heater for my office. She's not quite like a mom figure, maybe more like my mom's best friend, only she can't be because she is younger than me and has never met my mom.

I think I might be rambling. However, I do want to be sure you realize how special MAM is and if you ever get the chance to meet her, you will figure this out sometime between the delicious and exotic food she feeds you and upon arriving at your vehicle with your arms fuller than when you knocked upon her door.


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That was nice, Mony. MAM sure does sound like a terrific person.