Friday, January 15, 2010

Freaky Friday - Insane Allergy

A few years ago, I noticed the tip of my mouth started to tingle when I ate one of my favorite foods - an apple. It started happening every time. Kind of bizarre for an allergy to pop up at age 35!
Last month, my throat started to close after eating
an apple.
It was scary!!

The other day, I ate a peach. I LOVE peaches.
Guess what? Yes! Peach allergy, too!
According to an eHow article by Jonae Fredericks, apples are part of OAS - Oral Allergy Syndrome and are associated with birch pollen. Now it makes sense. What I didn't realize until I read the article is that peaches and hazelnuts are part of the same family as apples, the Rosaceae family of fruits. It only applies to raw fruit because the allergy causing proteins can't survive when cooked or pasteurized.

Learn something new everyday.

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Threeundertwo said...

Hazelnuts? This is why I'll never be on Jeopardy - I'd never imagine those were all in the same family.

Sorry about your allergy! I love apples and peaches! It sounds like you can still have pie though. And peach cobbler is yummy.