Saturday, December 5, 2009

MooMoo the Christmas Cow - Wk 1

MooMoo the Christmas Cow is a major hit in our home! The children LOVE MooMoo.

Most people have a Christmas Elf. We have a Christmas Cow. Why a cow? Because I forgot about the elf thing until 8 pm the night before and could only find this singing cow at Target. That's why.

I told Motor Mouth and Mini that Santa sent MooMoo to stay with us until Christmas. The kids are happy about this.

Last night, we went looking at Christmas lights and the kids said they wished MooMoo was with us because MooMoo would have enjoyed it. They actually got a little upset with us because we didn't include MooMoo.

They want MooMoo to eat at the table with us and watch movies together. When I read them bedtime stories, MooMoo has to be able to see the pages of the book. Each day, the children receive a letter from MooMoo that I help Motor Mouth read.

Day 1
Santa's Cow brought Christmas Countdown Calendars for each child. Naturally, they love the chocolate they get to eat in the morning! The kids named the cow "MooMoo."

Day 2
MooMoo gave the kids Pop Tarts for breakfast. MooMoo wanted to fix them eggs, but is not allowed to use the stove.

Day 3
The kids received chocolate syrup for their milk for breakfast from MooMoo.

Day 4
MooMoo brought Gingerbread houses to be decorated with Mommy.

Day 5
MooMoo was hiding in the pantry. Perhaps MooMoo was upset for not being included in the Christmas Light tour. It gave J and I an extra 15 minutes of sleep time while the kids went in search of MooMoo.

This morning, J told me he was so proud of me because MooMoo the Cow is such a big hit with the children.


Mommy Project said...

I think Moo Moo the Christmas cow is Brilliant!! So original! I'm glad you couldn't get an Elf. 

Heather Kay said...

I love this. I had never heard of the Christmas Elf until I read about it at Ragamuffin the other day. Such a fun idea!