Sunday, December 20, 2009

I found this meme over at Confessions of a Working Mom. It was fun and quick. Enjoy.

1. Middle name?


2. What do you think is your best asset (physical)?

3. If you could only eat one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be (Mexican, American,Chinese..etc.)?
Trinidadian. Now. That said, please know that if I were still living at home, I would say Canadian/American because growing up, I NEVER got to eat food like meatloaf and all that white people food that white people seem to hate. As I only ever eat Canadian/American (aka white people food) these days, I want some good home food.

4. Walmart or Target?
Walmart Supercenter. It is what made my life livable as a working mom. I don't like Target because I can't ever get out of there under $50 when all I go in for is just 1 little thing.

5. Favorite State besides the one you live in?
Canada. It's the 51st state, right?

6. What side of the bed do you sleep on, left or right?
Right side if you are in the bed. We started off with me on the left, but I didn't like being so close to the door. If someone was going to come in to kill us, I wanted a few extra seconds. So we switched. Every bedroom since, it has worked out that way too.

7. King or Queen size bed?
Queen. We had a king when we were first married and lived at J's parents' home. We were so far away we couldn't find each other at night. It would be nice with kids to have a king. We gave it much thought a few years back when we bought a new headboard. But each time we go sleep at his parents, we don't like the king. I guess we are queen people. Oh. And I just gave J new 1,000 thread count sheets for his bday. Do you know what those cost in a king???

8. Beer or wine?
Wine. Lately I'm all about the riesling. I'm very much a guy's girl so it goes to say I should be a beer drinker. I just can't get into it. I have yet to acquire a taste for beer.

9. or room temp?
Ice cold! I know room temp is better for your voice if you are talking publicly or singing. I seldom do either these days.

10. it or hate it?
LOVE IT! Hello? Born again Christian. This and Easter are the reason for my existence.

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Mommy Project said...

Fun. I always like reading your quiz answers. I'll have to do this meme soon, too. :)