Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obstacles Welcome

Obstacles Welcome by Ralph de la Vega is my new favorite book. I've read a LOT of leadership books so I was a bit 'enh' on reading yet another. I really wanted to be a part of the Thomas Nelson: Book Review Bloggers program. The book I wanted was not available, so I ordered what seemed like an interesting read. Ralph de la Vega had me at the first sentence: 'Only the boy can go."

de la Vega takes us from his traumatic separation from his parents in Cuba at age 10 through some of the most well-known mergers and tragedies in America. Along the way, leadership lessons applicable to Fortune 500 CEOs and stay@home moms are clearly and simply taught by a man who makes you want to be a better person and cheers you on to surpass your dreams.

At the end of each chapter, Ralph de la Vega provides Takeaway Points to reinforce the most important concepts. They are each perfect sound bites you can post on your mirror as a daily reminder to turn adversity into advantage in business and in life.

What I like about Obstacles Welcome is the simplicity and humanity of it. It's not just a leadership book. It's a life planning guide written by your favorite uncle who has your best interest at heart.

I was going to give some deserving reader my complimentary review copy in a blog giveaway but I'm keeping this book. Go buy your own. And while you are at it, buy a copy for EVERYONE on your Christmas list. I want to give a copy to every CEO I know, to every teenager, every college student, private school administrator and stay@home mom I have ever met. This book is THAT good.

This is a must-have book. You must go purchase.

Here is a SMALL sampling of Obstacles Welcome soundbites:
- It's never too late to become the driver of your own journey & begin to turn adversity into advantage.

- Today's world is flat, and by that, I mean that competition comes from all corners.

- Unlearning is part of getting better. World changing too fast to do anything else. Knowledge/situations change. So must we.

- Embracing obstacles sounds so simple...So why do we spend so much time and effort trying to avoid difficulties?
- When disaster hits, put your own people first. That's the surest way to...get your business back up and running fastest.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Thanks for this review. This sounds like reading I could really use right now. I'm working on "untwisting thinking" (e-mail me if you want to know more about it), but I'm also "meh" on self-help, leadership books and if this one can speak to your keen mind and great sense of humor, then I'm IN!