Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on Crazy Life - Installment 2

Mini Me missed Motor Mouth the week he was in Tulsa
with Grandma DonnaMomma and Grandpa FlyGuy.

We picked upMotor Mouth in Branson last weekend.
On the road, we pulled up the map on our iPhones.
8 hours 27 minutes!!
We thought it was a 5 or 6 hour drive. Ooopsy!!
Traffic was so bad leaving Chicago on a rainy Friday,
it took us almost 2 hours to get out of city limits!

The morning we left, our roof sprung a leak!!
They HAD to come into our unit and of course,
the bedrooms were a MESS!! I got a ride home from work
to tidy up for 20 minutes. Adrenaline rush!!

We pulled into a great condo in Branson around 2:30 am.
We chilled and had a nice, relaxing weekend
until after lunch on Sunday, when we drove back home.

4/5 weekends we've been on the road, traveling.
Our 2 month old car hit 5,000 miles!
It had 15 miles when we drove it off the lot...

On Monday, I got to see my dear friend, MAM.
MAM had their 2nd baby and I hadn't met him.
He is so adorable and wonderful.
It was amazing to see MAM again. I missed her!
(this is a pic of MAM with Baby #1,
they look so much alike, I figured it's like meeting #2)

Tuesday, I attended the Cultivate09 Conference.
It was for people who do church marketing.
I do Christian school marketing so, close enough.
Great conference. Lots of info.

That night, J flew out to teach a class on set design
at WFX Charlotte, in North Carolina.

While J was out of town,
I had to have my stitches removed.
I took the kids with me. They were troopers!!

...And THAT, is why I haven't blogged lately...


Mommy Project said...

That's a lot of action, Mony! I would be exhausted!
How is the ceiling?
So...gonna' stay put for awhile now??


We love it here. But if/when Motor Mouth gets into Mini Me's school, we would want to live closer to where 3/4 of us are on a daily basis - J works close to Mini Me's school. And besides, I might lose my job once Motor Mouth no longer attends the school I work at, so, I'd be looking for a job in that area.