Tuesday, October 13, 2009

19 And Counting!!

I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Duggar family from Arkansas. Jim and Michelle are parents to 18 children, pregnant with their 19th child and their oldest son's wife just gave birth to the 1st grandchild.

The family has a show on TLC currently called 18 and Counting. They were just on The View. Apparently, there is some negativity out there about this family because the mom is pregnant again. I don't get it. The Duggars - before their reality show - were able to afford their children and their lifestyle, without the aid of government assistance. If you can afford to have children without relying on the government, go for it. None of my business.

The Duggars OWN their 7,000 sq ft home - no mortgage. They own all of their vehicles - which includes a tour bus for traveling on vacations. And they can afford to take family vacations. If you can do all of that and have 18 kids, go for it. None of my business.

The Duggars' kids are remarkably well-behaved and seem happy, healthy and well-adjusted. I have 2 kids and I'm not sure they are all that well-behaved, happy, and well-adjusted. If you can do that with 18 kids, go for it. None of my business.

So I don't get why people have to say negative things about this family. Are their ideas mainstream? No. Are they trying to get people to join their way of life? No. Let them be. Enjoy the show or don't watch it. They aren't in divorce court, headlining scandals every other day. They are proof good does exist in this world. And, quite frankly, I could use some more of that in the news.

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Heather Kay said...

I hope this comment doesn't duplicate, I think my first one got deleted by the Captcha.

I absolutely agree with you! I live fairly close to the Duggar family and have run into them at various places. They have visited our church, we were at the county fair at the same time, Allergy Dr., grocery store, etc. I have always witnessed exactly what you describe from the show. A happy, loving, well-behaved family. They are a great example for marriages and parenting!