Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Ask - I Answer: September '09

I have questions from my faithful readers!!
What's happening with your potential housing search? Are you staying with your beloved loft?
- I was really comparison shopping to see if we really have a great thing here. We are spoiled. Great skyline view, great neighbors, huge balcony, lots of free street parking for guests, and more. We may need to move if both kids are in school and J is working in another part of the city though. It would only make sense.
How is J's Grandma doing?
- Thank you for thinking of Grandma Grandma. She traveled to Florida, where her daughter's family lives. J's aunt is able to provide any care Grandma might need and still run her businesses. Grandma Grandma has been improving in leaps and bounds. I saw a video clip of her from last month and she is almost back to her normal self. Laughing, happy, healthy looking. Skinny. But she looks great!! I got to talk to her for a long time the other day. I really love her so much.
Where are you working?
- I am working at Motor Mouth's school. It is a private, Christian school with a worldview and city centric focus. The staff are really great. All of the teachers clearly LOVE kids. I'm the marketing and events coordinator. Basically, I am doing what I learned through 20 years of volunteer work - not my previous jobs or education. Isn't that something!
Dr Crystal
What is your favorite thing about your new job?
Oh, Crystal, just one? Hmmm... I've worked there for going on 4 weeks. 3/4 of those weeks, there was a DQ ice cream run, root beer float surprise, or ice cream sandwich from a child's b'day. Sweet!! Literally. I love being in the same school as where Motor Mouth attends. He is so freakin' cute!! I get to see him several times during the day. I really love that boy. I love how much the teachers love the kids. Really are excited about education and their jobs. Oh, and I get paid which helps.
It's not too late! If you have questions you would like for Widney Woman to answer, just ask in the comments section!


Felicity said...

Sounds great! I love seeing my kids at school when I go over to teach music two days a week.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

SO glad to hear about Grandma Grandma! I was worried about her after your visit out there, and it sounds like she's turned a corner.

I had your job at a synagogue for a while - it was great fun! I would have preferred it at a school, though. It sounds like Motormouth's school rocks!

Shan said...

Your job sounds like a lot of fun! And I am so glad to hear about Grandma Grandma.