Friday, September 18, 2009

Where Were You?

Where were you when...

Martin Luther King, JR was shot?
I wasn't even conceived yet

John F Kennedy was shot?
See MLK answer

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?
I was a fetus, born later that year

Elvis died?
I was on my way to church with my dad and brother when we heard the news on the radio

Space Shuttle exploded?
At home, watching it on TV

Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed?
Working as a network administrator. Came home for lunch to watch the OJ trial but it was pre-empted.

OJ Simpson was acquitted?
Took a long lunch and went to my friends' house for a verdict luncheon

John F Kennedy Jr's airplane went missing?
At J's cousin's farm in Western Oklahoma

On 9/11?
I was at my desk at the church where J and I worked. J called me into the audio suite where we watched it on TV.

When Obama was voted President?
On my couch in our Chicago loft. I thought it was going to be a neck-in-neck race and didn't want to have Mini Me out for hours in a crowd. We stayed home while J and Motor Mouth went to Grant Park. If I had known it would be over by 9:30 pm, I would have gone with.

Michael Jackson died?
I was driving, about to get on the highway, to pick J up from work

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