Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jeepy - Toyoty

We got a new city car. Finally.
We loved our Jeep, but it was starting to show its age.
And we really needed to get something small.
A car we can easily parallel park.
Farewell Jeepy!
The kids were sad to see Jeepy go.
Mini Me was crying for Jeepy...
Salesmen at 2 dealerships tried to get us into a larger 'family' car. No thank you! If I was alone, I would have come home with a 2-door.
And now I present to you....
Our sexy little city car


Sunny Roller said...

Hey, you don't know, but I found you through Felicity's blog and I know lots of people you know and used to know Jason somewhat when I lived in Kville and went to CLF. Now that you are really creeped out by a random stranger, I would like to say I really enjoy reading your posts and seem like a cool person. I am glad to know Jason is doing well and has a great family. I check in on your blog a couple of times a week and am always amused and informed. Congratulations on your Toyota. I have an FJ Cruiser and am now a devoted fan of all things Toyota. They make a fabulous, reliable vehicle! Enjoyed your post with the letter to your temporary roomie; your sense of humor and style is very entertaining.

Sunny Roller
Random person you don't know who used to live in K-ville from 91-98 and lived with Julie Youngblood for a while.


Felicity is so sweet. The whole N Clan are amazing people. I don't feel creeped out in the least! Thanks for following and for leaving a comment. It spurs me to go on blogging. Gotta keep my 'people' entertained. LOL!!!

Shan said...

The wheels look great!