Monday, September 7, 2009

I Want to CUSS!!!!!!!

If you know me at all, you know I am a PROUD Canadian and the only reason I live stateside is because my husband happens to be American. I would love to travel home to visit my family in Canada. My little niece is almost 2 and hasn't seen me in a full year.

But my passport is expired. 
Here is the situation:

1. If my passport was issued in August 2003 or later, I would be able to complete the simplified passport form. Easy peasy. It was issued in July 2003 so I could attend my sister's surprise 40th birthday party. Missed it by weeks.

2. If we lived in Tulsa, I could have any of the attorneys, dentists, doctors, notary publics we know sign my paperwork and I could go to the passport photo place in downtown to get a good passport photo taken. We moved 1.5 years ago.

3. Last year, I got a passport photo taken by the only place in Chicago I managed to find who said they did Canadian passport photo requirements. Wrong size, wrong everything.

4. We have only known the people in Chicago for 1.5 years. Have to have known them for 2 years.

5. I could have a Canadian doctor or lawyer or dentist do the guarantor form for me. Only my doctor for my entire adult life in Canada (12+ years) is no longer to be found on the internet or in practice. Our family dentist retired. And I never had use for an attorney in Canada. We have a family friend who is an attorney but the last time I saw him, I hadn't lost my 2 front teeth.

6. I can have a PPTC 132 form completed and the guarantor requirement would be a non-issue. Only they no longer have this form online because of some (insert expletive) Canadian press stories that broke.

Seriously, this shouldn't be this difficult. I love filling out forms, but when it comes to immigration or passport forms, I just feel so alone and hate the process. I have no one I can turn to for advice. I don't know any Canadians living down here. Yet still, I know there are thousands in Chicago. It makes me want to cry. And cuss. Not swear. Not curse. Cuss. A lot. And write a letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lawrence Cannon to tell him to reinstate online passport services for Canadians.

Happy Labor Day.


jasonwidney said...

the title is a little off....

CrystalStrickler said...

I am so darn sorry about the passport situation. If you need a canadian doctor to sign your paperwork. One of my really good friends and a doctor I work with is Canadian and I'm sure would do it :) Let me know if you need the hook ups! :) Take care and don't stress out too will all work out!

Shan said...

Wow. What a tremendous pain in the arse! I hope you get it figured out.


Update. I got form PPTC 132 mailed to me and found a place in downtown Chicago that does international passport photos. Got my passport. Been to Canada. I'm back and have another trip planned for the fall!!