Friday, September 11, 2009

Finished for Friday - Finally!!

Lit and Laundry
I have been looking at Lit and Laundry for months and watching her Finished for Friday accomplishments. Each week, I felt like a bit of a failure. Lit gets so much done in a week!!! I'm quite proud of her (and her amazing kids). Finally, this Friday, something I have FINISHED!!
Patricia Cornwell is my favorite living author. But this was a THICK book!! 512 pages. I borrowed it from the library for 3 weeks. 3 times. I took the book everywhere with me. I would read a page every chance I got. Still, I took 5 extra days past the final due date to finish it. 9 weeks, 5 1/2 days. Finished.
I finished reading Scarpetta in the morning. By that night, I had started - and finished reading Candyland by Candi Spelling. I had read both of Tori Spelling's books and watched the last 3 seasons of her show. It was only fair to read Candi's book. I'm glad I did. Candi Spelling is a remarkable woman with far more substance than her name implies.

And no, I did not get ANYTHING else done that day.
2 books, though!!
I feel like the 'old' me - before kids.

Now, if you finished something this week, please head on over to give some Linky Love to my bloggy friend, Lit and Laundry. She's a pretty remarkable woman herself.


Threeundertwo said...

Yeah for finishing books! At least you renew yours. My library fines are ridiculous (or were before I got that kindle). I haven't read any Patricia Cornwell, sounds like I should look into her books.

Thanks for joining in and have a great weekend!

Shan said...

There's nothing like finishing a book in a day. I usually manage to during Christmas vacation. I take the week off to hang with the kids. It's a week of jammies and lounging. Love it!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm hoping to finish the biography of Antonin Careme. I have a book group on Wednesday and it's due by then! Eep!!!