Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Won An Oscar!!

Not really, but I did get a blog writing award from a fabulous writer, KatMom over at Mercy Me, who has been a real life inspiration to me as a writer and a mom for more than a decade.

This is the award.

Technically, I won this award last August. So why the delay in posting about it? I typed it up and didn't realized I hadn't posted it until I found this in my Drafts today.

Getting this award from KatMom is like getting an Oscar in my books. So here is my Oscar acceptance speech:

"I would like to thank my homeboy, Jesus. Thanks Mom and Dad for your sacrifices, without which, I would not be the me I am. My favorite person ever, my grandfather, for choosing me as his favorite grandchild and not being afraid to admit it. To my oldest brother and sister - thank you for always being there for me. I don't want to thank my other brother because he didn't acknowledge me in the first printing of his book but I will, seeing as he was my biggest influence growing up.

"Oh, the music is playing... Wait! This may never happen to me again. I want to thank my husband, J for making all my dreams come true, including the ones I never knew I had. And to my children for giving me so much to blog about. Last, but not least, to Kathy for bestowing me with the honor of this award. Kathy has been an inspiration to me as a wife, mother, friend, fellow writer for over 13 years. Thank you. Thank you. Alright! I'm done. Play the music. What do you expect from a writer - a simple thanks?"

Now it is my turn to pass this honor on to 5 deserving bloggers:

For writing a bold, honest real man's point-of-view that puts a smile on my face

For being a creative influence on the church world

For being my inspiration as a mom, blogger, crafty person and over committed volunteer

For being a pioneer in journaling and one of the nicest, best people I've ever met

For coming up with original blog memes that people love and for stepping out of her comfort box to meet me

The award does come with some rules.
Here they are:

1. Pass the award on to 5 most-deserving blogging friends.

2. Link to the author and blog name from whom he/she received the award.

3. Display the award and link to its explanation.

4. The receiver must visit the explanation post and add their name to the list of winners.

5. Winners must repost the rules.

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Threeundertwo said...

Thank you!! What a great award. I need to think about who I can pass it along to.

I love your blog! Look how much both of us have grown and changed online in the last couple of years.