Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turns Out, It's Not So Stupid Afterall

I've tried to do the coupon cutting thing many times. Usually, I forget I have a coupon in my wallet when I pay. It seemed a stupid waste of time to me. Lately, I've tried it again. With great success.

I shop at Old Navy and GAP on Tuesday, when it's 20% off for using your card. Add that to a 10% off coupon for completing their purchase survey and that is a nice savings. If your coupon code is for Old Navy, you can still get 5% off if you use it at GAP and vice versa.

Before making an online purchase, I search for coupons for that store. For example by typing in "Kohl's online coupon" the coupon codes from RetailMeNot saved me almost $50 on what would have been a $117 purchase. $15 = no shipping charge and 30% off my purchase. Sweet!
I've been going to CVS for the first time in my life. I signed up for a CVS Saver Card for greater discounts. Like, milk for $1.99! I even check the sales each week online.

And, I've learned Walgreen's has great sale prices. The other day, I saved over $17 with coupons on Mini Me's school supplies. I went online to print manufacturer's coupons then used coupons from the Walgreen's flyer to maximize savings.

What I refuse to do, is purchase items I would not normally purchase, simply because I have a coupon or it is on sale. I think, ultimately, this saves me money.


whittakerwoman said...

Girl cvs is amazing! You can go on and go to her cvs tab. You can get all the great deals, not sure if you already do them but they are so great! H

Shan said...

Awesome savings!!