Friday, June 26, 2009

BEST Wedding Anniversary EVER!!

On our 6th wedding anniversary, my amazing husband surprised me with the best gift ever. 

J lured me to our Tulsa church's chapel auditorium under the pretense of helping him setup a video for AJ, the missions director. We walked in and it was almost all dark. There was a single light on a huge bouquet of roses near a projector in the room. When I saw it, my exact thoughts were: "AJ must be presenting some kind of missions award to someone. AJ's certainly getting fancy."

The screen lit up and there WE were! Finally, I realized, it was all for me. The flowers, the whole room, our video, and even the box of Kleenex J placed next to me. It was like the deBoers commercial when the husband and wife go into a movie theater and their wedding video is on the screen. I would marry him all over again.

J fulfills the dreams I never even knew I had.


Shan said...

Aww that is very sweet and yes -- hard to top.

Heather Kay said...

What a beautiful gift! Love it!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

How completely wonderful!

CrystalStrickler said...

How romantic and super sweet! What a surprise!