Sunday, May 17, 2009

Must Love Dogs

We/I dogsat the other weekend. 
George is one of the loves of my life
George followed me everywhere.
George just wanted to be with me. 
He missed me when I left (cried)
He didn't talk non-stop (like Motor Mouth) or cry non-stop (like Mini Me). He just loved me in glorious silence
George knew to hide from the kids
In return, I had to take him to potty at 6:00 am 
and 10:00 pm (and a few times in between). 
I have to say, Chicago loves it's dogs.
This is a Dog Beach
As far as your eye can see, is sand and water in an enclosed area, just for dogs. Gotta love this city.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Love your new blog look! George looks absolutely adorable. What kind of dog is he?


Part Shi-tzu (shi-tsu?) and part yorkie??? I think he's called a Shorkie?? Don't quote me on any of this.

Shan said...

George is adorable!!