Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Not Winning Friends Here

There has been speculation as to the sexual orientation of Adam Lambert, American Idol Runner Up. Personally, I don't care if he is straight or gay. It doesn't alter his vocal abilities which is what I do care about. 
I am actually mad at a segment of the gay community. To me, it seems as if, in a rush to 'out' Adam with pictures of gay activity, they may well have hurt his chances at winning Idol. Adam Lambert was nobody a few months ago. Couldn't people have waited until after the final vote to plaster photos all over the web?
For a country so bent on freedom of speech, some people didn't let Adam exercise his freedom of speech or rather, his freedom to choose when he wanted to speak. Adam's sexual orientation is his business and his choice to share with the world, if he chooses to share it.  I do think Adam will come out and confirm he is gay or bi-sexual. (Please God, let him be bi to keep hope alive among the single ladies.) 

How much better for Gay Americans would it have been if Adam had won Idol and he could be listed as the first Gay American Idol Winner? We've had African American male and female winners. But, silly me, I forgot gay rights usually follow long after racial rights in this country.


Anonymous said...

OK, I take exception to this entry. I do not believe he lost because of being gay or not gay. I work with children and the preteen girls and boys liked Adam. What I found odd is that in the years past teenagers loved this show and this year they did not watch, I found more teenagers watching DWS!! I believed he lost because of Kris being humble and he is good. He is not a rocker like Adam. Adam did own the stage and was good, but most artist you WATCH is because if you can connect to them. and another thing Adam is on stage he is a preformer, the show is to find the unknown. BUT truthfully I voted for Kris because he was from AR. LOL
love ya anyway,
anon #2

Mommy Project said...

I really think that a lot of people just didn't like his style...with the screeching and the theatrics and all of that. I saw a lot of twitter comments about him "screeching" and Dave and I both said the same thing. I do think that he has more vocal ability than Kris and perhaps if had toned it down a bit and just showcased his voice (like he did on the Tears for Fears song) he would have won. But, that's not his you can't ask the guy to pretend to be something he isn't for the sake of the contest...then what would he do after?

I really hope it wasn't a specifically gay-thing but, just a "style" thing. Maybe that is naive of me though because you are rights do seem to trail behind racial rights in the States.

I enjoyed your always.

Mommy Project said...

p.s. Dave said that it was "looks over talent". It may very well have been as simple as that...although beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

(sorry...i removed my comment for a sec. to fix my typos!)


Boy was I shocked when I glanced down and saw 4 Comments!! Oooo, hot discussion topic. LOL! NAMK, I did a final deletion on that comment for you.

I didn't say the gay thing was THE cause for Adam not winning, but that it could have been a factor. I know Adam scared little girls. LOL.

Anonymous said...

NO NO, Little girls love Adam!!! One nine year old even drew his pic and had him in her room.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I think it's hard to determine what ended up happening in terms of Adam. I still think he has more talent than all the other idol winners combined, and there are some idol winners I completely adore.

Kris was very talented, as well, but he doesn't have what Adam has.

Gay rights in our country are astonishingly abysmal.

Shan said...

I really hope that wasn't the case, but much like MP up there I may just be naive. I think Kris Allen's style of music has a broader appeal. And American Idol was fun TV, but really no AI winner is guaranteed huge success. That's been proven time and time again. It's almost better not to win, with the exception of Carrie Underwood.