Monday, May 11, 2009

Boyhood Right of Passage

Motor Mouth took a really bad tumble at baseball. It's a right of passage - skinning both knees and being on a concussion watch. 
I didn't realize just how bad a tumble 
it was until I checked out his body.

Right Knee
Left Knee
They don't make Bandaids big enough
Right hip
And he didn't even cry!!


whittakerwoman said...

HE did not CRY! Wow, if the girls even think they could have hurt themselves they are crying! :) H


I'm actually surprised 'cause he cries for everything lately. This would have been the time everyone would agree it was okay to cry like a little girl.

Mommy Project said...

Poor Little Guy! Maddie got hit by a line drive when she was playing "pitcher" last year. She got hit so hard that she had a baseball shaped bruise on her tummy. You could hear all the parents going "Eeeeee" in unison the second it happened. She didn't cry, either. I think they like to be tough for their peers. ;-)

"There's no crying in baseball" - Tom Hanks.