Saturday, April 25, 2009

Motor Mouth

My Mom is not happy that I refer to my son as 'Motor Mouth' on this blog. Now, she's not happy I told you she's not happy because a). she thinks it is TMI, and b). she doesn't want to be mentioned on my blog. Insert evil laugh.

Mom sent me an email with a bunch of scripture verses to support her point. Thanks, Mom.
I call my son Motor Mouth because the boy won't. stop. talking. Ever!! All day. Every day. Sometimes, I have to 'turn him off'. Like a radio. This is a little trick I learned from the original Motor Mouth: my cousin Hotster. 

Hotster is my aunt's youngest son. He came out of the 
womb sociable, gorgeous and talkative. Like Motor Mouth. My older siblings would 'turn off' Hotster for 5 or 20 min at a time to a). be mean/silly and b). to get some quiet in the house when he visited (often for a week at a time). 

I'm aware this is a developmental phase, and in 10 years I'll be begging him to say 10 words to us. But I don't call him Motor Mouth to his face. Ever. The nicknames I use on my blog are for the blogosphere only. They are to keep the innocent innocent and the nameless nameless. Except for Mini Me and JuJu, I don't call anyone these names in real life. Otherwise, I'd have to call my mom Bible Thumper, Prayer Warrior, Jesus Freak or Green Eyed Girl instead of Mom. And we wouldn't want that, now would we?

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Heather Kay said...

This is funny. My mom doesn't know about my blog. I am glad to have rediscovered yours. I read a few of your posts long ago when you first moved to Chicago. My computer died and I was off line for a few months. I "found you" again when I saw a comment of yours on Whitaker Woman. I really enjoy your writing!