Sunday, April 5, 2009

Madagascar Birthday Party

Madagascar Cake
White with Bavarian Cream filling - Major Hit!!!
Personalized Birthday screens
Daddy made 5-6 screens that rotated w/different characters
In the background is a plasma screen playing the movie
Renni Bird surprised both kids by coming up with Grandma and Grandpa for their birthday weekend!!
The Original Mini Me did face-painting
The Madagascar soundtrack played over speakers
Also had Madagascar coloring pages J personalized
with "Happy Birthday Motor Mouth & Mini Me"
Musical Chairs
Thanks to Miss Sherry for helping with that!
We held the party in Park Cafe at church
Our kids have great friends whom they love.
This year, the kids were told they had to share a party theme. They were deciding between Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar. I steered them towards Madagascar. Not sure why. I just did. Bad idea!!
Madagascar party themed food is not all over the web. I ended up focusing on the cake and going really low key with the snacks this year. We did juice boxes and put the kids names on them (the boxes all look alike). 
Plus, Madagascar 2 party supplies were only available for a short time in stores. I ended up calling every Party City in Chicago and in Tulsa. At first, I told the kids they could only invite 2 friends because I could only find goodie bags for 4 kids. Finally, I managed to get enough supplies for 8 kids. When I found more stuffed animals, I invited 3 more younger friends 'cause I could give everyone a stuffed animal and the little kids wouldn't notice they had a different bag. I also cleared it with the parents, so they understood. I know. Overkill, but kids can really get their feelings hurt at birthday parties.
I think the kids really enjoyed themselves and hopefully they took really long naps for their parents that afternoon!


CrystalStrickler said...

Way cute! :) You guys always do such an amazing job at decorating and pulling off stuff I couldn't even imagine doing! It is funny that you were having a hard time Madagascar themed things as we just went to a 1st b-day party yesterday who had a Madagascar cake...but the mom was talking how she couldn't find anything else either! You would think it would be popular b/c didn't the 2nd movie come out not too long ago? Glad they had an awesome b-day!

Mommy Project said...

Looks like the kids had a blast. Good job, Mony Mommy. :)

Jen said...

The party looked fantastic and Park Cafe was totally transformed!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

How wonderfully cool! And how lucky to have such talented parents!