Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - Live Week 8

Here's my American Idol
5th Judge Opinion:

Songs Theme
Songs from Year of Contestants Birth

#1 - Danny Gokey
Song was weird sounding from the get go. Danny was able to showcase his voice in the song and that is what it is all about. Danny is in my personal Top 3.

#2 - Kris Allen
Yikes!! What was that?!! What's up with that Joker smile of his? Creeps me out.

#3 - Lil Rounds
Lil is exactly why I LOVE Adam Lambert. Lil is a singer. Lil is NOT an artist. She's a stupid singer too if she thought she could come out and do a Tina Turner impersonation and get through to the next round. I would kick her off tonight if Kris didn't suck so bad.

#4 - Anoop Desai
Did a good job. I think Anoop is nice looking but I can't look at him when he sings. I need to hear his voice without the visual. Yes, he needs designer jeans, but there is nothing offensive or off putting about his performances. For me, the R&B voice doesn't go with Anoop's South Asian looks. But I think it means I need to get more immersed in desi music and culture. Anoop Dog can sing!

#5 - Scott MacIntyre
Vote him off already. So he left the comfort of the piano for the awkwardness of the electric guitar. I'm sorry, but that performance was a mess. Pitchy doesn't even begin to describe it. It felt like we were watching someone's socially inept and awkward younger sibling whose feelings we didn't want to hurt so we keep him around.

#6 - Allison Iraheta
Great song choice. This girl can sing. I can't stand her. But she can sing and proves it every week. 

#7 - Matt Giraud
I couldn't stand you at first, but you've grown on me every week. And tonight, you had me at the first line. I'm yours, Matt.

#8 - Adam Lambert
Are you kidding me??!! I HATE Comcast. My DVR did not record Adam's set. My favorite contestant on the show. The one I'd have a kid for (or at least try). And I didn't get to hear him. Well, I'm sure it was a unique and vocally superior performance like none we've seen on the show before.

Check back to see who got kicked off
My Bottom 3: Scott, Kris, Lil

AI Bottom 3: Anoop, Scott, Lil
Scott MacIntyre went home
There IS a God!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm with you... especially on Scott. I'm sorry, he just doesn't cut it.

Adam was brilliant. Check youtube before clips get cut. ;-)

BTW... SIMON gave Adam a standing ovation. Whoa.

I do love Allison, though. 16 years old? Another whoa.


Thanks for the reminder, Jen. I saw the performance. Simple and perfect. I change my mind on my comment though, I would like to work on having 2 kids for Adam.

Mommy Project said...

Ya...a standing "o" from Simon. I couldn't believe it. Adam even toned down his wacky hair and make-up for the performance which I appreciated. I gotta say, it was very good (and you had to like the music, eh Mony? All from our hay-days. ewww. That's sad, isn't it? All these people were babies when we were in highschool!!)