Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Obvious Choice

For Thankful Thursday this week, I'm going with the obvious choice: my husband, J.

Have you heard the saying, "I kissed a lot of toads before I found my prince"? I haven't kissed that many, but enough to know the supreme value of my husband.
J is creative. He has creativity pouring out of every fiber of his being. He is the essence of creativity. As such, I benefit because the stuff he comes up with is like no one I know. Things he does around the house, things he does for parties and family times. J's gifts and talents enhance our lives.

Like the time he made this elaborate fabric draping for over our bed. He built in 2 pin lights (1 for each of us) on separate dimmer switches. This was so I could read in bed at night. Who does that?

There are so many sweet, thoughtful things J does. Things you wouldn't think of. Like last summer when I got really sick and was tossing my cookies every hour. He put a blanket wrapped in thick towels on the floor around the commode for me to be comfortable. Who does that??

On the mornings I don't manage to get out of bed and shower before the kids wake up, he gets the kids their milk and handles the morning routine so I can have my alone time. He is always thinking of ways to get me time to myself. In Tulsa, J would take the kids to the mall - a place I hate and they love. In Chicago, J can be seen taking the kids to a museum, or for fun on Michigan Ave. My kids love shopping, thanks to their daddy.

J is a good man. The Bible says, "He who finds a good wife has found a good thing..." Well, I have found a good man. I have found a good thing. Now, I just need to treat him like the treasure he is!!


Lori said...

He is a wonderful guy isn't he? And I love that picture you posted. She is going to treasure that in the years to come.

Mommy Project said...

That picture ~is~ so sweet. Your hubby sounds great. :)

Shan said...

What a sweet post! Great picture too!!

whittakerwoman said...

So cute! I just wanted to say thanks for the comment today! I appreciated it! H