Monday, March 30, 2009

I Don't Like My Foot

3 years ago, I tripped on a cord at work and messed up my left foot. It was a long, drawn out affair. It was broken then not broken then broken then not. I had 3 rounds of cortisone shots. For the record, those football players that get shot with cortisone and are on the field 20 minutes later are machines!! Cortisone is worse than childbirth.  At least with childbirth, you forget the pain. Not so with cortisone.
When Mini Me was born, I was wearing ugly boots J purchased to work in the Katrina clean up. By the time Mini Me's 1st birthday rolled around, I had had foot surgery and was wearing a big boot. I must say, I do miss having a handicapped sticker because that is primo parking, my friend. Every now and then, I look longingly at the motorized wheelchairs at Wal-Mart, remembering our good times together. If I weren't with the kids every time, I might take one for a spin, just for old times sake.
Last year, on Mini Me's 2nd birthday, I was in normal shoes and no longer going to physical therapy 3x/week. This year, I was back in tennis shoes on Mini Me's birthday and doing foot exercises throughout the day. Sigh. I don't like my foot very much anymore.

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