Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol - Live Week 5

This is where I give my 5th Judge, person @home point-of-view. It's what this real person thinks about the performances each week. 

Songs Theme:
Grand Ol' Opry. Country music. Hmmm...

#1 - Michael Sarver
Michael sang and his voice sounded okay. But I could barely understand the words. Very mumbly. I thought this could get Michael sent home.

#2 -Allison Iraheta
I just don't like her.  The performance was dull. 

#3 - Kris Allen
I thought Kris did a good job on the song. I don't know the song, so I can't speak to the original. But he's not someone that has star power. Kris could leave and no one would remember he was ever on the show. 

#4 - Lil Rounds
Lil did Martina McBride's 'Independence Day'. For someone who doesn't listen to country music, I think she did a good job but he song was too big for her voice in the end.  

#5 - Adam Lambert
Wow!! Talk about taking a song and bringing it into your comfort zone. What a showcase for his voice. Rock star.

#6 - Scott MacIntyre
Boring!! People need to stop voting for this guy. 

#7 - Alexis Grace
Yikes. That was a train wreck.

#8 - Danny Gokey
Awkward!! He brought it home later on. But Danny needs to be careful with his song choice. Yes, you are a Christian. That is great. But if you keep picking Jesus songs, you WILL go home - and not to your Heavenly home. Just off the show, dude.

#9 - Anoop Desai
Oh my! Anoop will be always on my mind after that song. Excellent song choice to showcase his vocals. 

#10 - Megan Joy (Formerly, Megan Corkery)
That girl can sing! She made that song her own. And she looked beautiful!!

#11 - Matt Giraud
Matt brought it home!! He came out looking like a star. I didn't realize he had such a great voice.  At this point, based upon this performance, if we were voting for the top 3, Matt would be up there.

Check back tomorrow to see which 2 went home!!

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Shan said...

Yeah I wasn't impressed with Allison either. Bad choice of song. Kris did a great job on his (To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks). It's a beautiful song and has always been one of my favourites. I love Adam, but I have to admit he lost me a bit at the end. We're big Cash fans here, though, so no surprise. Really wish Alexis had picked another song (although I love Jolene) that one just wasn't for her. You know I love my Danny! And Anoop rocked it. And Megan -- beautiful!