Friday, October 3, 2008

Widney Wednesday - You Asked. I'm Answering, Pt 1

Some great questions came in. 
If you want to ask a question, you can go HERE and post.

This was fun!! I hope more questions are posted...

Do you think the Widneys will ever move to Canada? 
No. We seriously contemplated it when J was laid off in January. But jobs in J's field are more readily available this side of the border. And I find the cost of living so high in Canada. We were spoiled with such a ridiculously low cost of living in Tulsa. It's higher in Chicago, but I'm always blown away when I visit my family.

What do you think Motor Mouth and Mini Me will be when they grow up?
Mini Me loves animals and she is smart. I would not be surprised if she were a vet. Right now, she would like to be a dinosaur.
Motor Mouth, I'm not so sure anymore. He really loves flying and wanted to be a pilot. A Blue Angels pilot. I suspect he will obtain his pilot's license but I'm not sure if that will be his profession. I could easily see Motor Mouth being an architect, based upon his drawing and lego sculpting skills. He's pretty good. Right now, he wants to be a night guard at the museum, thanks to the movie, Night at the Museum.
What made you fall in love with J (any particular event/moment)?
We were best friends in January 1995, his cousin got me really upset and I was crying. J reached up and wiped the snot away with his hand. That was it for me. But I didn't realize it for several years.

What is your worst habit?
Procrastinating. It is really bad these days. I get a lot accomplished, but there are some key things I put off, that I really should not.

What is your greatest talent?
Normally, I would say I'm resourceful. But I don't feel that way right now.
Have you ever thought about doing one of those "get paid to blog" things?
Yes. I signed up for one, but I would have had to move EVERYTHING over there, or start blogging there instead of here. That would make it my 3rd site in a year. I think I would lose readership, as I lost some with my last change to Blogger.

More importantly though, I don't have enough traffic to actually make money with advertising or traffic. On average, I get about 35-50 people/day viewing my site. It jumps to about 150 on the days when I link back from WhittakerWoman, who gets over 1,000/day. Her husband, RagamuffinSoul, gets over 4,000/day.

How/why did you start blogging?
When Motor Mouth was born, we had a website with a bunch of his pictures for family/friends to view. J created it. When Mini Me was born, the kids' godmother asked - demanded? - if I have a site for Mini Me. So, I found Multiply. This year, just before we moved, I found Blogger. I blogged every day for our move and now I do it for therapy.

What is your love story?
This response has been written and is schedule to post tomorrow morning, so please be sure to check back.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Cost of living is truly less here? Wow... I wouldn't have guessed that. But then when I'm in Canada I'm using the U.S. dollar... which helps or DID help, not sure it matters anymore.