Sunday, October 26, 2008

Widney Pumpkin Patch 2008

 2007 Annual Widney Pumpkin Patch visit
I have to show the 2007 pictures because we 
weren't there 
today to shoot the 2008 annual visit.

Our move to Chicago means we miss out 
on the every day things, like...
- calling up J's parents and meeting for dinner
- enjoying a family dinner at Widney Manor
- the grandparents taking the kids EVERY Friday night
(sometimes Saturday night too)
Today, we missed out on going to Savastano's Chicago Style Pizza for lunch (okay, we didn't 'miss' that) and then heading to the Pumpkin Patch for family pictures, pony rides, petting zoo, hot chocolate and cold fingers.

Tomorrow, we will miss out on meeting our newest nephew, Baby Y. J's Baby Sis is in labor as I type. We love Chicago, but we sure do love our family too.

And this is the crazy bunch we miss so much!!

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Shan said...

It must be hard to be so far away. They look like a fun group!