Monday, October 6, 2008

What Does Widney Man Do? - Pt 2

Cross and Stage Backdrop by Widney Man

Tim Schraeder, the Communications Director at our church wrote the following. I cut and pasted directly from his blog at Cre8vE Chaos because he did such a great job!

Park's media/lighting/video/sound/staging genius Widney Man (who is rumored to start blogging soon) along with our team hit a home run in our services this weekend. (God did the work, but our team did an excellent job creating space for Him to do His thing!)

Our lead pastor Jackson talked about the cross, and how our lives as Christ-followers are meant to show Jesus to others. The message is awesome, you can listen to it here.

The backdrop of our stage had a standard wash of lights on it, but slowly but surely throughout the service light illuminated the cross that was hidden in the 'mess' of our back drop. It was a powerful visual to see.

At Park, we light a candle every weekend to symbolize the lives of people who have accepted Christ. Jackson challenged people in the audience to evaluate their own walk and relationship with Christ. 

We had stations set up around our sanctuary with candles, and while we had a time of worship at the end of the message, he invited people to make a symbolic movement to show their journey from spiritual darkness to spiritual light by going to one of the stations and lighting a candle.

After all of our services this Sunday we had 13 candles lit. 13 lives transformed. 13 people responding to the cross and moving from spiritual darkness to spiritual light.

I held back tears as I saw people going to the stations... that's what it's all about.


FaithChick said...


Felicity said...

I love that idea about the candles!!

And the backdrop is beyond words amazing. Jason is sooo great! I remember the Easter Sunday he hung banners on the back wall of the stage and made them dance during "My Redeemer Lives"! I still in awe of him. : )

Widney Woman said...

Felic, I'm still pretty in awe of him, too!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Gorgeous work by that Widney Man!