Friday, October 31, 2008

He's Starting to Get 'IT'

Motor Mouth has a new cousin, Baby Y. We were able to iChat with the newly formed family and the rest of the Widney Clan the night of Baby Y's birth.  It left a big impression on our little boy.

The next day, Motor Mouth said, "Daddy, you and Mommy were excited when you went to the hospital and I came out of KK's belly!"

For years, we have had a picture of his birth mother in his room. For years, we have visited with KK, his birth mom. For years, we have told him the story of his birth and how he was in KK's belly. 

Now, Motor Mouth gets that we were excited he was born. He's starting to get 'IT'.

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Toni Rucker said...

That is awesome! I love it when you can see your child get "it". Almost like the little light bulb went off and they know exactly how much they are loved and wanted. The boys are just now starting to get "it" with all we had to go through to get pregnant with them.