Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Truth Comes Out!

I have had a really challenging couple of weeks with MotorMouth. He has been....difficult.  If I say we are going to have mac & cheese for lunch, he throws a fit for hot dogs. The next day, I'll make hot dogs, because he wanted them the day before. Only this time, he says he wants mac & cheese. Arrrgh!

Saturday started off as MotorMouth day when, at 9 am, I made dinosaur pancakes for the boy and flower pancakes for the girl. MotorMouth's favorite things day continued to 4 pm. I lost it when he threw a fit because we had to go wait for Daddy to finish work. He said he wanted to do something 'fun'. I said he was an ungrateful child.
MiniMe was cry pot all day. She would just cry for no reason. I took to asking her if I had spanked her or if MotorMouth had hit her. When she'd say "No", I'd tell her to stop crying unless she had been hit. After 9x, I lost count on the total number of times I said that all day. Is that a girl thing? Crying for no reason? I'm about ready to put her on testosterone.

On Sunday, after church, I laid them down for a nap and I napped as well. I was tired, but I wanted to kill some time without having to engage.  When I awoke, I started thinking about what Orlando Juarez, our friend and former music minister said to us the day we found out MotorMouth was ours. "Don't pass up a blessing because it does not meet your criteria."  
MotorMouth is a blessing in my life. So is MiniMe. And I need to remember that, even when he is being a putz and she is a raging estrogen. They are blessings, even when they are not conforming to the perfect angels I want them to be.


jasonwidney said...

You forgot to mention that Paris is cutting 2 molars

Widney Woman said...

WE didn't know she was cutting molars until 10:00 am this morning. This post was written on Monday and posted at 4 am today.

FaithChick said...

That is what I was going to mention. Triston is being the same way. He is cutting his two year molars. We are also potty training, but he has diarhea from teething. Potty traingin on hold for a bit. You can get teething tablets at Target. They are amazing!! Totally different child in about 5 min.