Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My son should have his photo taken for The Strong Willed Child. Not just because he has model good looks, but because I believe Dr. Dobson wrote the book about my son.

To make it through, I used to just lie to my son. "Yes, we will buy that $500 toy for your birthday.", in hopes it was quickly forgotten. I found I was lying multiple times each day to him. "Yes, you won! You ate your food before everyone else!"  

I justified lying because I was speaking the truth in my head, "As if we're buying that thing!" and I figured as he grows up he will learn, first-hand, you can't win them all. And I was JUST lying to my child. Not to adults, where it matters.

Then, someone from my mom's group challenged me, "What would be so bad about telling him the truth?" I realized I was lying to my son to protect myself. To make life easier for me. To avoid a 'display' in the store, or a breakdown of tears at lunch. But it's not about me. It's about him. And raising him to be the best he can be. So, I try to be honest with my kids and weigh out how important it is for him to learn this specific lesson today, or if I can let him be a little kid for just a while longer.

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