Thursday, September 4, 2008

Homeschool - The Curriculum

This year, I am homeschooling Motor Mouth. Some have asked:

- We moved here too late to apply to a good school
- Our neighborhood school isn't very good
- The curriculum in our neighborhood school is a repeat of K4
- Motor Mouth learns fast and gets bored with the repetition
- Motor Mouth had a horrible school experience last year
- I've been a trainer, a teacher, and a tutor = I'm qualified
First Day at Homeschool
No shoes required

We are using the K12 curriculum as part of the Chicago Public School's (CPS) Virtual Charter School. 

Benefits of partnering with CPS:
- Motor Mouth goes to a physical school building one day each week
- Motor Mouth gets all the testing he would get in a traditional school
- I have a 'real' teacher monitoring our progress
- Motor Mouth can do 1st grade material this year, instead of waiting
- We get a loaner PC and printer
- Internet costs are reimbursed
- The $1,500 curriculum is FREE

First Day at On-site school
White shirt is only 'uniform' requirement

K12 is a combination online curriculum with textbooks and hands-on, plus, the in-class with CPS. I love the material as it doesn't look homeschooled. Religion is not included in the curriculum. Based on my childhood experiences, I believe school and religion should be separate. We have enrolled Motor Mouth in a program that will give him religious education, in addition to church and what we share with him at home.
This is John, our UPS man, who delivers our school supplies

Here are some of the supplies we've received:
Phonics and Science
Printer - brand new!
Language Arts & History
- See that yellow ticket at screen bottom?
It's a parking receipt! Clearly Motor Mouth was nearby!

Day 3 is under our belt. Motor Mouth loves it! 
I enjoy seeing how smart my son is and watching him learn and grow. 

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It looks like you guys are in GREAT shape!