Sunday, September 7, 2008

Holy Hummers, Batman!!

I LOVE Hummers. I have loved Hummers since Arnold Schwarzenegger bought his first one in 1991/2. Fortunately, I have a father-in-law who has made many of my dreams come true. Including my dream to drive a Hummer. He has actually had to tell me to slow down when driving his Hummer off road. My thought was, 
"It's a Hummer, it can handle this!" 
Okay, with that background, you will understand how excited I was when Motor Mouth told me to look out the window Friday evening. Hundreds of real military Humvees were rolling past my window! Hundreds. Literally. Hundreds. Motor Mouth and I were pumped!!
They just kept coming
And coming
My only regret is not thinking to get a picture of the Humvees with the Sears Tower in the background.

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Shan said...

That's very cool. Although it may have caused some minor feelings of anxiety as well. A lot of military vehicles in one place at one time can do that to a person.