Thursday, September 25, 2008

Damn It!!

Mini Me has found a new phrase!
As in:
Daddy: "Mini Me, no standing in the bathtub." 
Mini Me: "Damn it!"

Or as in:
Mommy: "Mini Me, bedtime."
Mini Me: "Awwwwwwww, DAMN IT!!" 

The girl knows how to use it and says it with the most guttural voice.

The first time she said it, I didn't believe I heard what I thought I heard. She repeated it several times that day and each time I wondered if I really heard what I thought I heard. 

Finally, I asked Motor Mouth to translate. 
Me: "Motor Mout, did she say DanG it, or DaRN it?" 
Motor Mouth: "No, Mommy. She said 'Damn it'." 
Me: "Where did she hear that, Motor Mouth?" 
Motor Mouth: "From a movie." 
Me: "What movie, Motor Mouth?"  
Motor Mouth: "I don't know."

NO J and I do NOT use this phrase. We honestly have NO IDEA where she heard it. I know I say 'dang it', like any good hick, but the other is not a phrase I use.

The thing is, ever since Mini Me began cussing last week, we've wanted to use that word as well. For example:
J: "Damn it, Widney Woman, you left hair all over the shower wall again!"

It's a great, universal kind of word that gets your feelings across clearly and succinctly. See, I do have a great command of the English language so use of such words would be a choice. 

Well, gotta take Mini Me to a playdate where I am going to have to warn the other mother of Mini Me's new phrase and PRAY my child stops saying it.

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

the other day the girls were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Maddie bumped Jamie off the step-stool so that she could use the sink by herself and Jamie turned around and said,
"What are you - some kind of frickin' Jack A**?!"

[oh, dear]

All I can say, in my defense, is that she does not get that from me!
But...I ~did~ almost laugh.