Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Fun Night - Chicago Theme

When we were visiting Tulsa, we were 'otherwise occupied' on our weekly themed Family Fun Night. But I lugged all of this Chicago stuff across the country to bring Chi-Town to T-Town. 

One night, after an evening of boating,
 We had pizza for dinner. My mind made associations: 

Pizza = Chicago = Family Fun Night!

Chicago Tribune Newspaper, our Chicago 'Bible',
& the map of Chi-Town we lived by (until iPhones)
Our Chicago "Bible"
Sears Tower, 'Chicago Style' Pizza
& Children's Museum
Hancock Building
Day Pass Cards to ride buses and 'El' Trains
Chicago Attractions & 'Chicago Style' Pizza
Grandma DonnaMomma & Grandpa FlyGuy hosted
Cute Grandma DonnaMomma
Motor Mouth
Mini Me
My initial plan was to play the movie Chicago on the DVD player and have the soundtrack playing, but I forgot them at home in Chi-Town. We talked about Chicago instead.

Let's give linkylove to queen of family theme nights, Whitaker Woman.


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

That pic. of Paris is priceless!

FaithChick said...

I love the pictures of Paris screaming. I sure she will love them too when she gets older. Maybe like in a wedding video. Who knows. =D