Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Bedroom Rules

I am going to be a 'Learning Coach' this fall - a.k.a. homeschooling fool. I am required to log a minimum of 5 hours of teaching time every day, Monday through Friday.  
I'm going to have to let some things go.
A few weeks ago, I saw where Whittaker Woman posted 'The Rules' for her daughters' bedroom. Basically, she let the kids mess up the room all week and then they cleaned it. I thought it was a great idea to keep me a sane and pleasant mommy and for Motor Mouth and Mini Me to have fun without feeling like they live in a showroom. 
Here is my version of the rules.

The Rules
No toys allowed out of your room
Have fun
No food allowed in your room
No complaining when it is time to clean up
Clean room 1x/wk and/or when people come over
Motor Mouth picks up the toys, Mommy does the rest
It doesn't matter if the toys are in the 'right' bins

Motor Mouth did this ALL by himself
No help from anyone
Motor Mouth even made his bed himself!!!
It's not perfect, but no one is coming over and it's almost bed time.
I'm also VERY proud of him - the bed is my job.


Shan said...

Wow he did a great job!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Jazz ROCKS! What a great job - wish my 15-year-old was as good with cleaning his room.