Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Fun Night - Pirate Theme Night

This week's Family Fun Night found us on the high seas for our Pirate Themed night with Pirates of the Caribbean on the DVD player and the soundtrack played in the background. 
Preacher Man, Soccer Man, Big Blue, and Bear joined us.

Flying the Pirate flag on our vessel
Lego Pirate Ship (made by Motor Mouth)
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Getting a little of the Captain in him

Mini Me looks like she has a little of the Captain in her
Scary Pirates
Table centerpiece
Treasure Chest
Treasure Map (Daddy did this)
All good pirates have tattoos...!
And eye patches
Little Pirates chowing down
Pirate plates and napkins
First Mate Meal - Skull Sandwiches
Skull Rice Krispies
Captain Meal - Human Body Parts
Captain Meal - Maggots
Captain Meal - Human Teeth
Captain Meal - Seaweed
Treasure Hunt Coloring Activity
Pirate and his Wench!
And the good news....No one got scurvy!!

Now, please go check out Whittaker Woman who is the author and queen of all things related to Family Nights. 


Anonymous said...

Love the family night! But what got my attention is your house. It looks amazing. Can we get a picture show of it? H

MCC said...

The Captain Morgan's is hilarious.

We made toilet paper parrots for our shoulders. The girls still play w/ them & remember our fun pirate night.

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! I loved your family night. I will totally be back to your page when I do a Pirate Night. Great ideas!

Abby said...

"Yes, but why is the rum gone?"
Captain Jack Sparrow

Great pictures & awesome food ideas. Fun, fun!


FaithChick said...

The food is great. You are so creative. They are so funny.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Another totally cool theme night. You do such an incredible job with all of this! Do your kids know how lucky they are to have such a fun Mom?