Sunday, July 27, 2008

Violet Vella

Chicka & Widney Woman

Thursday evening, I went to the Violet Hour, a decadent mixology lounge. Upon arrival, I walked through nondescript doors into a roughly dry-walled anteroom. The door man standing in front of lush 15-ft velvet drapes was an attractive black man who called me sweetheart and asked for proof of my over 21 status. Once obliging him, he called me sweetheart again, and opened a second set of resplendent drapes, ushering me into a wonderland of super high-backed chairs, 4-ft dimly lit chandeliers and dark ambiance.  There, I experienced divinely inspired mixes with my friends Chicka, Songbird, and Nordic Princess.  

Nordic Princess, Chicka, Oprah Girl, Engaged Girl

We gathered on Saturday for brunch at Vella, a busy, bustling, homestyle cooking establishment situated under the El tracks in Bucktown. It was great to spend time with Nordic Princess and Chicka while getting to know Oprah Girl and Engaged Girl. Apple Boy and Songbird made an appearance early on.

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