Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Building Relationships

This Sunday, I really felt like I was a part of our new church family. It was my first Sunday feeling this way. This is HUGE for me. I felt loved and accepted.  I felt like I am a visible part of our church - our church that is the reason why we moved our family to this city, 7 & 10 hours from most of our family and friends. 

First off, J couldn't come meet us, so he sent Andrew to drive us to church. The teachers in the kids' classrooms remembered each of them by name.  Walking into church, I ran into Nordic Princess, saw Man in the Know, and Engaged Girl, who I brunched with on Saturday, was one of the ushers. When I walked to the sound booth to sit with J, 3 guys told me where to find J, including Art Boy. I found J but ended up sitting with Pie Town, his volunteer. 

I personally knew 4/5 of the band members on stage and I know the person #5 is married to. When Pie Town and I sat down, I saw Di Eye from my Weds mom's group and her husband. One of the ladies from my new mom's group sat behind us. The guy sitting next to us recognized and greeted me. 

Going to pick up the kiddos, I ran into Les Mom from my Weds mom's group. Last week, I met the sister of Jaxn, our pastor. This week, she remembered my name.

Afterwards, at the church picnic, I hung out with the Worship and Technical Arts crew and Chicka (sans George). I got to see Mobium in line for BBQ. After lunch, Soccer Mom and her family came over, as did JJ and her family. I ran into another of the new mom's group ladies, and I got to spend time getting to know J Mom4 and her family. As we left, we came across Jon , Cre8ve Chaos, and Pretty Little Thing. 

What was great, is Motor Mouth and Mini Me know most of these people by name so they also felt connected. Many of these people are who J rubs shoulders with daily. J felt really connected as well, but I know it meant a great deal to him that the kids and I felt it too. We had an awesome day with our new people.

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